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Are You Sure This is Business School?

17 Sep

I knew this was going to be a hippie school, completely socially and environmentally responsible… What I didn’t expect is that at our week-long orientation there wouldn’t be “real” toilets and that as a result my bodily functions would be segregated into actual the categories of #1 and #2 with a “facility” for each… And by facility, I mean go pee in the woods and take a poop in the composting toilet, don’t forget to throw some peat down when you’re done…

Yeah, that’s a visual isn’t it?

Oh and that showering will be infrequent, at best, as the showers are outdoors and water is scarce. So, now when I get to shower, it is an “eco-shower” [get wet & turn water off, soap up, turn water on and rinse]. Though I suppose that’s not much different from a military shower [which I should be familiar with given my husband’s career].

Look, I always knew I could be more green… but I thought there would be baby steps, like drinking from my own water & coffee cups [re-usable and bpa free], eating all locally sourced organic food [maybe even vegetarian; heck, possibly even vegan], reducing natural resource consumption and staying in LEED / sustainabile facilities.

Nope, it seems our orientation is throwing us head first into sustainability. Completely and totally.

I joke, but I am grateful for this. For the experience. For the knowledge. For the community. And everything else I will get out of this. I am at the absolute best place I can be to change the world and I’m excited.


Blog on Fire

26 Aug


So the other day I was very surprised to see a comment come through from Beauty Still Remains nominating me for the “Blog on Fire Award”.  I was very excited as this is the first time I’ve had such an occurrence [this is a new blog after all].

Unfortunately, she caught me during my flight to DC/VA for work and I’ve been living in a crazy flux state since the nomination, so now I am just getting to fulfill the “requirements”, a list of 8 things about myself and nomination of other blogs on fire to keep the chain moving.

Here are the long-awaited 8 things about me:

[1]: I own a horse [a beautiful arabian] and I do equestrian vaulting [think gymnastics/dance/cheerleading [stunts] on a horse, but not mine].
[2]: I love photography.
[3]: I’m Economist at heart [and by training].  Any decision can be seen through the lens of Economics, like having sex or why people hit the snooze button.  It’s not just about guns and butter $$$.  That’s why I love the discipline.
[4]: I want to live overseas for out next tour or at any point really.  Anywhere [that fit with our life circumstances at that point], but would *love* Italy.
[5]: I’ve been trying to work in Iraq or Afghanistan… I’d settle for Bahrain as well.  It would be great if my husband could get stationed there too.
[6]: I live a life composed of “just one of those moments”.  Maybe I will elaborate someday.
[7]: There was a period in my life when the number of gay men I dated was greater than the number of straight men.
[8]: I want to write a book.

I’ve sent out my nominations.  Thanks for including me!