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Are You Sure This is Business School?

17 Sep

I knew this was going to be a hippie school, completely socially and environmentally responsible… What I didn’t expect is that at our week-long orientation there wouldn’t be “real” toilets and that as a result my bodily functions would be segregated into actual the categories of #1 and #2 with a “facility” for each… And by facility, I mean go pee in the woods and take a poop in the composting toilet, don’t forget to throw some peat down when you’re done…

Yeah, that’s a visual isn’t it?

Oh and that showering will be infrequent, at best, as the showers are outdoors and water is scarce. So, now when I get to shower, it is an “eco-shower” [get wet & turn water off, soap up, turn water on and rinse]. Though I suppose that’s not much different from a military shower [which I should be familiar with given my husband’s career].

Look, I always knew I could be more green… but I thought there would be baby steps, like drinking from my own water & coffee cups [re-usable and bpa free], eating all locally sourced organic food [maybe even vegetarian; heck, possibly even vegan], reducing natural resource consumption and staying in LEED / sustainabile facilities.

Nope, it seems our orientation is throwing us head first into sustainability. Completely and totally.

I joke, but I am grateful for this. For the experience. For the knowledge. For the community. And everything else I will get out of this. I am at the absolute best place I can be to change the world and I’m excited.


I’m a Bad, Bad Blogger

14 Sep

I’m hoping that will change now that I have an iPad app that allows me to read and write. Who knows, I say that every time.

The truth is my life is insane. I don’t have “that much” going on, but yet I have so much. I’ve got a job that’s intense [though who knew it would be]… and I’m working on my MBA. Our house needs work. I have lots of travel [work and personal]. I haven’t even added in going to the barn to ride my horse or workout… OR do anything else… because I haven’t…

It’s sad. I need to do those things, but even the mundane details take so.much.time. Example: Yesterday I spent 1.5 hrs on the phone during my drive home trying to accomplish 1 “simple” thing. Change the insurance policy on our VA house to a landlord policy.

Instead of that being me getting quotes, it turned into that plus changing my name at Suntrust FOR THE THIRD TIME, getting our mortgage address information corrected FOR THE SECOND TIME, and finding out that the policy I chose does not work with our mortgage [AFTER I chose it]. I still do not have a resolution to it and that’s the thing… EVERY. SINGLE. THING. takes a millions steps….

I don’t want to sound bitter and ranting, but I am a little. The thing is I have *so* much to do that it would be nice if just *one* thing was simple. Just one…

So anyway, I am headed to my orientation for my MBA. It’s going to be all “kumbaya” and connecting with the Universe. Just what I need right now. Hopefully, I can get myself centered. Grounded. And in-tune with what I need.

The good news is I will have time to connect with the world again… at least for 6 days.